Telerivet’s new and simplified pricing

We promised we'd keep the updates coming!

Thanks to feedback from our Telerivet users, we're happy to announce our new, easy-to-understand pricing plans.

Existing Telerivet users: your current plan will not change.

Here are the main updates:

  • Monthly billing: We've gone from weekly to monthly billing plans. Fewer recurring payments is always a good thing.
  • More inclusive: We’ve boosted our Basic plan to be even more powerful. 
  • Paid plan adjustments: We’ve restructured our plans to better fit the needs of different sized organizations. 

You'll also see that we’ve simplified what we charge for in each plan, check out our pricing page for more details. 

As always, we're all ears. Shoot an email to with your feedback and comments.

Thanks for your continued support!

-The Telerivet Team