Nexmo and Telerivet announce strategic partnership

Nexmo_logoTelerivet is thrilled to announce our new strategic partnership with Nexmo.

Nexmo is an industry-leading cloud communications company that provides APIs for sending and receiving SMS text messages worldwide.

The new partnership offers a deeper integration between Telerivet and Nexmo's global SMS services, making it even easier for businesses and organizations to get mobile messaging solutions up and running with Telerivet.

In over 35 countries where Nexmo offers SMS-capable virtual numbers (see complete list), Telerivet now provides Nexmo as the preferred method of sending and receiving SMS via the Telerivet platform. By using Nexmo virtual numbers with Telerivet, businesses and organizations can get excellent SMS deliverability at affordable rates, including free incoming SMS messages.

For Telerivet customers using other methods to send and receive messages, don’t worry. You can still run your services on your preferred gateway — including Telerivet's Android gateway, your shortcode provider, or another 3rd party virtual number provider. Telerivet’s platform will continue to work the same way for you and offer all the same features as before.

If you’re an existing Telerivet user, you can start using a Nexmo virtual number with Telerivet simply by adding a new phone number in your Telerivet dashboard.

Construction-smartphone-smIn particular, for customers who currently use an Android device with Telerivet in a country with Nexmo virtual numbers, switching to a Nexmo virtual number can drastically simplify Telerivet, since it would no longer be necessary to maintain an Android device to send and receive SMS.

We’re particularly excited because Telerivet is the first such partner for Nexmo. Before Telerivet, only organizations with developers and technical expertise were able to use Nexmo’s APIs directly. Now, companies and non-profit organizations with limited developer resources can benefit from Nexmo as well.

Nexmo announced the partnership in a press release this morning. "Nexmo is very excited to be working with Telerivet. The partnership between a global messaging provider and a service-builder platform has never been so seamless for end users,” said Sassan Saedi, Nexmo’s Head of Product Marketing and Channels. “This is the first partnership in the market to leverage reliable, global SMS deliverability and optimal usability to finally make mobile messaging technology accessible to the 'long-tail' of organizations."

The “long-tail” of organizations that could benefit from from using Nexmo with Telerivet include:

  • Online merchants sending order status notifications and providing customer service
  • Clinics sending SMS reminders and health awareness campaigns to patients
  • Transport companies scheduling logistics with drivers
  • Event planners automating outreach to attendees
  • Schools coordinating classes with instructors and students
  • NGOs communicating with and collecting data from remote populations

For more information about the new partnership, see Nexmo’s press release, and

If you already have a Telerivet account, try out Nexmo by adding a new phone number in your Telerivet dashboard. If you don’t have a Telerivet account yet, register an account and then follow the instructions to configure how you send and receive SMS.