Introducing the new Telerivet

To kick off 2014, we’re excited to announce that beginning today, customers around the world will have access to the most powerful, intuitive, and visually stunning version of Telerivet we’ve ever built. And it’s not just a facelift—it’s an entire engine overhaul.


Customer feedback has been central to our work over the past several months as we redesigned and rebuilt Telerivet. Thank you for all of your suggestions, comments, and ideas (keep ‘em coming!)


We think you’ll love what we’ve done. Here’s some of what’s new:


Redesigned layout and easier navigation


On every page of the new Telerivet web app, you’ll notice a slick, intuitive layout that makes navigation incredibly simple. The main navigation menu is now on the left, enabling content to fill the window. Actions specific to the current page—such as sending a message or adding a new contact—are shown at the top and remain visible when you scroll. We also increased the size of many elements, making Telerivet more usable on tablets and high-resolution displays.


Watch the video to see how it works:




Faster, leaner, and real-time


The new Telerivet is now more responsive and faster than ever before. We’ve made hundreds of under-the-hood changes to our JavaScript and HTML code, so that you can spend less time waiting for pages to load. This also means Telerivet will now work even better on low-bandwidth connections.


Many Telerivet components now update in real-time without you having to refresh the page. All pages that update in real-time have a “Live updates” icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Try it out on the new Dashboard page — when you send or receive a message, the Dashboard will update your message statistics and graphs in real time, as shown in the video below:




Improved Android monitoring


If you use an Android phone to send and receive SMS with Telerivet, the new Telerivet makes it even easier to ensure your Android phone is working and troubleshoot any problems. The new Phones page updates in real time to show Android phone connection status, battery level, queued messages waiting to be sent, and any errors sending messages. If your phone has a problem, the Phones page shows recommendations for how to fix it.




Enhanced user permissions


The new Telerivet makes it even easier to share access to your mobile messaging project with other people in your organization. When inviting others to your Telerivet project, you can now easily assign users to common roles such as "Organization administrator", "Project administrator", "Project contributor", or "Project viewer" (instead of manually selecting several different permissions). You can also grant user permissions for all projects in an organization.


Simplified pricing for NEW customers (current customers are unaffected)


In order to provide a service that meets the needs of organizations around the world, we’ve simplified our pricing into three distinct plans:

  • The Free plan offers 100 contacts—10x our previous Free plan—and 100 messages per day so that users can try Telerivet on a larger scale before they buy.

  • The Standard plan ($30/mo) offers up to 10,000 contacts and 5,000 messages per day.

  • The Premium plan ($125/mo) offers unlimited contacts and up to 20,000 messages per day.

If you're a current customer, you can continue using your existing plan without any changes (and of course you can switch to one of our new plans if you like).

If Telerivet adds more than a dollar a day in value to your organization, we encourage you to upgrade to a paid plan. If it doesn’t, please get in touch.


And Lots More…


The new Telerivet has hundreds of other changes—too many to describe in a single blog post! If you already have an account, log into Otherwise, get started at


Let us know what you think and stay tuned for even more features coming soon!