Africa’s rapid growth: 2 discussions

Africa’s massive growth in tech and mobile is gaining attention, and Silicon Valley is taking note of this opportunity. Our CEO Joshua recently spoke on two panels that focused on mobile payments and innovation within Africa.

The first discussion was part of Meltwater’s The Next Frontier Africa event series. The topic focused on how Africa is leading the mobile payment charge. According to Meltwater, “Africa hosts 6 of the 10 fastest growing economies and and has the second biggest mobile market in the world. With rapid urbanization and an ever growing middle class, now estimated at 300 million consumers, there is a large and rising demand for new technology products and services.”




Joshua commented that "The mobile money opportunity in Africa now is similar to the early days of Diner's Club card in the US."

Joshua also joined a panel on frugal innovation in Africa at m-NEXT at GMIC this past Tuesday. The main focus of the panel was on the rapid growth of Africa’s mobile market and how this expansion continues to present unique business opportunities across the mobile value chain. Panelists discussed how limited resources can lead to extremely innovative and creative ideas. The panelists also talked about how their companies have seen the expansive growth of mobile money and m-PESA within Africa.



To learn more about a user experience breakout session on Telerivet’s unique opportunities and challenges with designing technology for the developing world next month, read more here.

Hope to see you there!