Telerivet’s Entrepreneur Program in Tanzania

We recently launched the Telerivet Entrepreneur Program in Tanzania to train and develop Telerivet Client Executives. Client Executives are sales agents who introduce and sell Telerivet to local businesses and organizations. They also provide additional technical support.

We’ve been spreading the word about the training program and have generated a lot of interest from local candidates with IT skills and the desire to become an entrepreneur. Candidates must pass the Entrepreneur Program’s interviews and trainings to become a Client Executive – training is provided at our office in Dar es Salaam.  

Radhina, director of our regional operations in Tanzania, is really excited that many candidates have already passed through the program and are now out in the field as Client Executives sharing Telerivet with local businesses.

Some benefits of becoming a Client Executive include:

·      Commission payments for sales

·      Access to a supportive community of entrepreneurs

·      Free ongoing IT and sales skills training

·      An opportunity to become an Executive Manager and be part of the fastest growing sector in East Africa: Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

To learn more about our Entrepreneur Program, visit:

-The Telerivet Team