New expansion packs – Increase your message capacity

We just released a new version of the Android app that lets you send even more SMS messages per hour. We just added 7 additional SMS expansion packs, giving Telerivet Android app users access to download 16 SMS expansion packs total. With these additional expansion packs, you can now send up to 1,020 SMS an hour on Android 4.1+ and 1,700 SMS an hour on older versions — assuming your phone can keep up.

For Telerivet users who send a lot of SMS messages through their Android phone, expansion packs are necessary because Android limits the number of messages each app can send per hour. This rate limit is meant to help you by preventing unscrupulous apps from sending a lot of SMS messages without your knowledge and wasting your airtime. But when when you actually want to send a lot of SMS messages, Android’s rate limit becomes more of a hindrance than a help.

As a result, we created the SMS expansion packs as a way to help you get around that limitation —  each expansion pack can send 30 SMS messages every 30 minutes on Android 4.1+, and 100 SMS messages per hour on older versions.

If you’ve been running into the SMS rate limit with Telerivet, and want to install more expansion packs, here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Telerivet app on your Android phone.
  2. If there is a prompt that says a new version of the app is available, install the newest version of the Telerivet Android app.
  3. Click “Increase SMS Rate Limit.”

  4. After installing the 9 original SMS Expansion Packs, if you still need additional capacity, click “More SMS Expansion Packs.”

  5. Install up to 16 expansion packs.

The 7 new expansion packs aren’t available from Google Play, so if this is your first time installing an app that wasn’t downloaded from Google Play, you’ll need to follow the instructions to allow installing  apps from “Unknown Sources”.