You’ve got options: 2 ways to distribute polls

Need to distribute a poll so you can collect important through responses? Using our automated services templates you can create custom SMS polls and surveys, and anyone with a cell phone can respond. But what’s great is having two options to distribute these polls out to respondents. You can send the poll to a list of respondent phone numbers via SMS or publish the poll publicly through any method, such as television, radio, or print ads.

To send a poll via SMS, first create your poll and then go to the Services page and click Send poll via SMS.

My Poll

Then, enter the phone numbers you want to send the poll to. Want to make things even quicker? If you have a spreadsheet or other document containing phone numbers, you can copy and paste a column of phone numbers into the To field.

When sending a poll using Send poll via SMS, we will automatically add these phone numbers to a group with a name such as poll-sample. This group name can be customized by clicking Edit settings. To view the members of this sample group, click View poll sample.

To distribute a poll through other means, such as radio, television, or print all you need to do is create your poll in Telerivet and give your audience the first question and ask that they send their SMS response to your phone number. For example, a radio announcer can ask listeners a question over the air and have them text Yes or No to their designated phone number. If your poll only has a single question, this options allows you to conduct your poll without sending any outgoing SMS messages, which is usually free if using an Android phone to send and receive SMS messages. With this options make sure that you have selected Yes, allow anyone to submit this poll in your poll settings.

Now go out there and get those questions answered! 



New expansion packs – Increase your message capacity

We just released a new version of the Android app that lets you send even more SMS messages per hour. We just added 7 additional SMS expansion packs, giving Telerivet Android app users access to download 16 SMS expansion packs total. With these additional expansion packs, you can now send up to 1,020 SMS an hour on Android 4.1+ and 1,700 SMS an hour on older versions — assuming your phone can keep up.

For Telerivet users who send a lot of SMS messages through their Android phone, expansion packs are necessary because Android limits the number of messages each app can send per hour. This rate limit is meant to help you by preventing unscrupulous apps from sending a lot of SMS messages without your knowledge and wasting your airtime. But when when you actually want to send a lot of SMS messages, Android’s rate limit becomes more of a hindrance than a help.

As a result, we created the SMS expansion packs as a way to help you get around that limitation —  each expansion pack can send 30 SMS messages every 30 minutes on Android 4.1+, and 100 SMS messages per hour on older versions.

If you’ve been running into the SMS rate limit with Telerivet, and want to install more expansion packs, here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Telerivet app on your Android phone.
  2. If there is a prompt that says a new version of the app is available, install the newest version of the Telerivet Android app.
  3. Click “Increase SMS Rate Limit.”

  4. After installing the 9 original SMS Expansion Packs, if you still need additional capacity, click “More SMS Expansion Packs.”

  5. Install up to 16 expansion packs.

The 7 new expansion packs aren’t available from Google Play, so if this is your first time installing an app that wasn’t downloaded from Google Play, you’ll need to follow the instructions to allow installing  apps from “Unknown Sources”.


Open House

Last Thursday we hosted an open house event in our San Francisco office for the Mayfield Fellows Program. The Mayfield Fellows Program is a work/study program at Stanford University designed to develop an understanding of the strategy and techniques for growing technology companies. One of our interns, Elizabeth W, is a Mayfield Fellow and helped put the event together.

We love sharing the Telerivet story and our CEO Joshua kicked things off by explaining Telerivet’s mission, why this technology is needed, and how it came to be.

Jesse, our CTO, described some of the ongoing technical breakthroughs that make Telerivet's technology available worldwide. He also touched on the challenges of building software tools for organizations in developing countries.

Jake, our Director of Operations, shared his experience of helping transform our startup from a couple of engineers to a multiple-employee operation with offices in San Francisco and Dar es Salaam. I discussed the unique challenges of communicating our powerful platform to a global audience. And Telerivet's two other stellar summer interns, Aidan and Nafeesa, briefly discussed their experiences with our team in Tanzania and global marketing.

Elizabeth W. gave an interactive demo of Telerivet to the fellows using our polls feature.

It was also the perfect opportunity to show off our newly launched website. Take a look!


Telerivet’s Entrepreneur Program in Tanzania

We recently launched the Telerivet Entrepreneur Program in Tanzania to train and develop Telerivet Client Executives. Client Executives are sales agents who introduce and sell Telerivet to local businesses and organizations. They also provide additional technical support.

We’ve been spreading the word about the training program and have generated a lot of interest from local candidates with IT skills and the desire to become an entrepreneur. Candidates must pass the Entrepreneur Program’s interviews and trainings to become a Client Executive – training is provided at our office in Dar es Salaam.  

Radhina, director of our regional operations in Tanzania, is really excited that many candidates have already passed through the program and are now out in the field as Client Executives sharing Telerivet with local businesses.

Some benefits of becoming a Client Executive include:

·      Commission payments for sales

·      Access to a supportive community of entrepreneurs

·      Free ongoing IT and sales skills training

·      An opportunity to become an Executive Manager and be part of the fastest growing sector in East Africa: Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

To learn more about our Entrepreneur Program, visit:

-The Telerivet Team

Telerivet’s new and simplified pricing

We promised we'd keep the updates coming!

Thanks to feedback from our Telerivet users, we're happy to announce our new, easy-to-understand pricing plans.

Existing Telerivet users: your current plan will not change.

Here are the main updates:

  • Monthly billing: We've gone from weekly to monthly billing plans. Fewer recurring payments is always a good thing.
  • More inclusive: We’ve boosted our Basic plan to be even more powerful. 
  • Paid plan adjustments: We’ve restructured our plans to better fit the needs of different sized organizations. 

You'll also see that we’ve simplified what we charge for in each plan, check out our pricing page for more details. 

As always, we're all ears. Shoot an email to with your feedback and comments.

Thanks for your continued support!

-The Telerivet Team