…and we’re back!

Well, we were here the whole time, just heads down and working hard. Don’t fret though, I’ve joined the Telerivet team as our Communications Manager, so expect more frequent blog updates and Tweets. Oh, you should Like us on Facebook too. 

We’re really excited to announce that we’ve opened our Africa HQ in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania! Say hello to Hussein, he works on sales and promotion for Telerivet.

Two of our interns, Aidan and Nafeesa, joined our CEO Joshua on a trip to work out of our Dar es Salaam office. Nafeesa and Aidan met with clients and assisted with various training sessions. Here’s Reagan, Nafeesa, and Hussein visiting our client Tata.

They also made some time for fun. Here’s Radhina (director of our regional operations) and Aidan at a team outing near the beach.

Stay tuned for more updates.